James Dzierzanowski

James Dzierzanowski, PhD

Executive Director, Cyber Security Strategy, Kaiser Permanente


As leader of the IT Enterprise Security team, Dr. Dzierzanowski is responsible for enterprise security standards, audit, HIPAA/HITECH/HITRUST Security Controls, Risk Management (GRC), C-SIRT Incident Management, Security Engineering and Operations, Identity Management, Mobile, and PCI.

James advises business leaders on technical security issues, cryptography, security trends, and managing risk with financial and health care institutions. He holds the ability to identify advanced and leading technologies while promoting business value. He is a strong proponent of leveraging people, processes, and technology to jointly solve problems, facilitate change, move businesses forward to meet business’ technical needs.

Dr. Dzierzanowski offers specialized expertise in privacy, risk management, M&A, cryptography, and holds Physical, InfoSec and Management Security Certifications. James holds a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence and attended Harvard and MIT as a post-doctoral fellow. He is also a published author of several finance-related articles.