Audra D. Wilford

Audra D. Wilford


Founder, MaxLove Project

Audra is proud momma to Max and his little sister, Maesie.  Inspired by Max’s (aka SuperMax) battle against brain cancer and the resilience that children teach us in the toughest of situations, Audra founded MaxLove Project to support SuperKids with the same therapeutic resources that help SuperMax thrive against the odds while battling brain cancer.

Audra is passionate about pediatric integrative medicine and has seen first-hand the benefits of nutrition, acupuncture, massage, aromatherapy, sleep, exercise, narrative therapy, art, equine therapy, and much more. She believes that all kids deserve every opportunity, every tool, to thrive in critical care situations and beyond. 
Audra graduated from Columbia University with a Masters degree in Philosophy and Education.  She was an educator and administrator, specializing in student leadership development in higher education, for over 15 years.  Previously Audra earned a degree in culinary arts and pursued a career in the restaurant industry as a professional cook.  From educator to chef, all of this experience prepared Audra to pursue the very best comprehensive integrative therapies for Max and to create MaxLove Project, paying it forward to build a community of hope and help other families working to thrive against childhood cancers.

Audra was one of ten Women of Worth Honorees recognized by L’Oreal Paris in 2014 and was awarded the commendation of California Mother of the Year by the American Mother’s Association in 2015. MaxLove Project was awarded “Outstanding Newcomer” by the CHOC Children’s Hospital Foundation in 2015. Audra serves on the Advisory Boards of Cloud b, Sapphire At School, and the Tustin Public Schools Foundation.