Cloud Computing & Big Data

Author: Uday Ali Pabrai

Status: Completed Work

Asymmetric Attacks Mandate Credible Cybersecurity Program

Executive Summary –
Each mission critical system, such as a database or Web application server, may have over 100,000 vulnerabilities that may be exploited. A typical cyber vulnerability assessment discovers over 10% unique open vulnerabilities that can compromise the asset assessed. It takes just one exploit for the Cyber Risk = Disruptive Business Risk! This today translates to a seven or eight figure compliance or breach risk!
The threat to business today from cyber-attacks is asymmetric. Attack surfaces are increasing. The combination of IoT+DDos cyberattacks will challenge even the best of security defenses.
To ensure enterprises address this asymmetric threat, businesses must implement a credible cybersecurity program. The focus of this brief is to examine core elements of an enterprise cybersecurity program. Objective is for attendees to have an actionable checklist to assess and develop a credible cybersecurity program.
From this brief, you will:
Walk thru five core areas of a cybersecurity program.
Review elements of a credible cybersecurity plan.
Identify key cybersecurity policies.
Examine seven critical steps for establishing a comprehensive cybersecurity program.