Telemedicine Visit With AI-Enabled Telerobots to Manage Patients In Nursing Homes

Author: C. Charles Lin

Background: As robots have used to in hospital wards to relieve loads of care in Japan and Singapore, There are opportunities for robots in nursing homes or long-term care facilities. Urologist Peter Bretan, MD, President of Marin County Medical Society, deploys a telemanipulator  robot, not-artificial intelligence(AI)-enabled, to visit urological patients pre-op or post-op with telemedicine webcam, and tablet roaming in nursing homes,  to comply with HIPPA regulations and meet reimbursement requirement. As doctors cannot rely on physical exam in telemedicine, this project is to explore the opportunities to obtain vital information with AI methods and tools for doctors to visit nursing home patients remotely. Methods: To build telemanipulator robots with AI capacity, or to connect to AI mainframe servers remotely including machine learning methods. Have patient to use  VR/AR gears, and to engage in surgical planning. Use renovated audio, video system, roaming navigation, and other AI tools for telemanipulator robots to address concerns, and answer any question.  Make sure AI tools meet all the HIPPA requirements and reimbursement requirements, and to safeguard internet security when data are in cloud storage. To break barriers of geographic locations, and access specialist clinicians to see remote nursing home patients.