VR Gaming Use as a Therapeutic Rehabilitation Technique

Author: Cynthia Kirkeby

Taking a look at the use of a multiplayer VR game as a Therapeutic Rehabilitation Technique, motivating children and adults to actively engage in rehabilitation exercise and movement, especially in the case of patients with lower body injuries or impairments. When patients are restricted to wheelchairs or are restricted in their movements, because of non-weightbearing injuries, it can be frustrating, distracting, and BORING to go through rehabilitation therapy. Exercise and rehabilitation movement therapy it often painful and becomes something the patient avoids instead of actively engages. I recently played a multiplayer VR game created by a friend of mine that immediately made me realize that one of the ways to overcome this barrier is the current trend in VR gaming. Now VR gaming can drive patient engagement in rehabilitative movement therapy, immediately lowering or removing the resistance that many patients put up as a barrier when entering rehabilitation after an injury to, surgery on, or complete loss of use of... their lower limbs.

Co Author/Co-Investigator Names/Professional Title: Cynthia KIrkeby, CVO Adaptifyed, Inc