A System That Takes Accurate Comments for Patient Charts: “Noted”

Author: Vaibhavi Shah

Physicians, no matter how experienced and eloquent, can lose vital information when writing down consultation notes. An important part of a clinical or surgical consultation can be inaccurately portrayed through messy, rushed notes on charts, leading to unforeseen repercussions that can potentially impact a treatment or diagnosis in its entirety. Leaving important medical decisions and records up to the sway of semantics is both unreasonable and easily avoidable, saving a multitude of lives. Artificial Intelligence can be implemented in a computing robotic system to fully absorb and analyze a consultation in its entirety. This robot will sort relevant information so that every aspect of a patient visit is recorded, and seemingly unimportant remarks are analyzed for impact on medical care. The computer system will then take this important information and phrase it in a direct, accurate way for records so that no information is lost or hid in the wording on charts. The robot will choose words and adjective that directly fit the situation and capture the meaning of the matters on hand. This will allow language, regardless of the country the robot is implemented in, to be used efficiently, and will help avoid vagueness and ambiguity that can occur when using simple adjectives. This AI based assistant will thus serve to analyze scenarios and create reliable and accurate notes for charts. This will give notes as close to 100% accurate as possible through computing, elevating accuracy to a stage beyond human imperfections. Not only will this take away administrative duties from a busy physician, but it will also allow doctors to focus on course of treatment and diagnosis when presented with all the facts.

Co Author/Co-Investigator Names/Professional Title: Vaibhavi Shah, High School Student