Incorporating AI to Improve User Experience in Care Settings

Author: Norm Katz

Poor user experience across clinical & care-giving (EHR, Pharmacy, etc.) systems is one of the most vocal complaints by doctors, nurses, & healthcare professionals. Composite Apps has leveraged Applied Intelligence and cutting-edge user design to create engaging and effective applications for the Healthcare industry. We know that AI will be a critical component to software solutions for the medical industry. But we also realize that advanced technology and solutions mean very little without an engaging and predictive interface that maximizes the potential of the underlying platform.

One of our themes is "AI is the new UX”. We believe user experience is not just cool graphics and pleasant colors. It’s the speed and predictability of the application & logically presenting critical data in a timely and engaging manner. Most importantly, UX allows for closing the gap between worker and technology.

Composite Apps has created a working example of these very concepts for the healthcare industry; a platform called CURA Patient. CURA Patient is a care plan management solution for hospitals, doctors, & patients. By combining the building blocks of proven care plans, great user experience, and embedded AI & advanced analytics we have created a modern chronic care solution. CURA Patient helps smooth the transition from a patient’s close-knit care in a hospital to following a care plan at home, through the empowerment of patients, caregivers and doctors alike.

· For doctors, it allows for the improvement of care by leveraging/personalizing best of breed care plans and benefiting from machine aided intelligence to detect conflicts and risk.

· For patients, it provides an intelligent platform to highlight what they need to do and facilitates engagement with their care stakeholders (family, caregivers, etc.), ultimately reinforcing that they are not alone in the care process.

· For hospital/care facility staff, monitoring a patient has never been easier. CURA Patient provides clarity to the opaque view of a patient once they leave primary care. The reporting of metrics and the use of AI will detect risks, provide alerts, and allow for intelligent intervention and the reduction of readmissions.

To sum up, AI cannot just be a stand-alone concept. It must be integrated with systems to deliver the promise of creating value and efficiencies for users of technology. For over a decade, Composite Apps has worked with cutting edge technologies, intelligent algorithms and usability design to create powerful & engaging solutions for some of the world’s top brands. Leveraging our experience, we’ve created CURA Patient as an end-to-end tool for the healthcare industry and it serves as a great example of what AI can do in a healthcare setting.

Co Author/Co-Investigator Names/Professional Title: Long Nguyen, CEO