Cognitive-Community of Practice Services development Proposal - C-COP QnA proposal

Author: Shirley Tseng

Cognitive-Community of Practice Services development Proposal - C-COP QnA proposal Community Question Answering (CQA) systems are emerging in few IT based innovative communities. CQA is a web-based service where people can seek information by asking a question and share knowledge by providing answers on questions asked by the rest of the community. Examples include Yahoo! Answers, Stack Overflow. Methods and techniques exist to automatically identify questions with question classification, question graph patterns, corpus or ontology-based definitions or questions and answers extraction. Human supported curation services can provide feedback that can increase accuracy of questions to improved computer generated to contribute to community learning. Proposal to build a Cognitive-CoP (Community of Practice) C-COP knowledge-based services with Healthcare CQA services – branded C-COP QnA system around AI-Med community built upon AI platform such as IBM Watson data platform or Google Deepmind services. Healthcare knowledge can be organized under an AI information process with tasks such as 1) Healthcare Corpus creation – with Ai/data science tools such as taxonomy/ontology creation, use of folksonomy best practices to include changes, term learning and additions, equivalence additions, healthcare human curator process, automated question generation, answer matching, answer vote scoring, categorization scheme, learning network, etc.. 2) Healthcare Knowledge-base creation and community building - Healthcare research and paper ingest/organization, human curator annotation and correction to include 100+ sources of healthcare knowledge creation organizations/conference/entities 2a) Healthcare and Medical NAS (National Academy Science) Paper ingest and NAS curation community building 2b) Medical Conference papers ingest and conference community curation building process 2c) Medical Magazines paper ingest process and magazine author/editor curation building process 2d) Medical professional organization (like NIH, AMA, SOPE) information ingest process and community curation building process. NIH Program knowledge ingest process, research question views, solutions views, best practices views, pain (what’s needed) view, 2e) Medical practioner communities (UCI Med school, Hospitals (CHOC, UCI Hospital, Hoag hospital etc) feedback process, curation recruiting/education process, practioner inputs process 3) Healthcare Entrepreneur Services to assist healthcare startups with insights from COP knowledge base with QnA for entrepreneurs and emerging companies focus on answers to What are medical pain points in practioner community? How can regulatory process be improve, where are the non-value added steps and wasters. 4) Healthcare COI (Community of Innovation) Services to focus communication and adoption of medical technology opportunities, best practice extraction/implements/feedback, technology focus CoP communities building products/services such as 4a) Distill Systems Engineer best practices for healthcare 4b) Lean best practices 4c) Lean startup process in healthcare 4d) CI - Continuous Improvement practices 4e) Design thinking practices 4f) New Product Development practices 4g) Co-creation open arch development process 4h) model based cognitive Computing development process