‘Chat to Care’ – Innovating Brain Health through a BOT and deep learning.

Author: Susan Aroyan

The lack of innovation & focus on brain health has to led to a global epidemic. Mental and neurological disorders/diseases cost the U.S. economy > $1.5 trillion per year, 8.8 percent of GDP. More than 50 million American adults, 21.8 percent of the adult population experienced a brain disease/disorder in the past year and nearly 1 in 4 individuals will be affected by a brain disorder in their lifetime. The lack of effective tools, diagnostics and treatments have created a ripple effect across the value chain from the bench to shelf, leaving a void in patient care and more notably quality of life. The need for investment & innovation is a must. The Solution powered by datalog.ai , ‘CHAT FOR CARE’. ‘Chat for Care’ is a virtual caregiver (Bot) that assists and monitors patients with brain disorders leading to cognitive and physical decline. The virtual caregiver verbally (or text) provides tasks and reminders to the patient based on his/her daily regimen and engages in active dialogue with the patient through-out the day based on both pre-defined questions and open conversations. Transcripts of patient dialogues are maintained, summarized and reviewed by providers for signs and symptoms of improvement or decline as well as other key factors. Initial Patient Population: Alzheimer's disease (AD), the most common type of dementia affects 44 million people worldwide and is projected to triple by 2050 and as such will initially be the population focus. The Strategic Impact: Given the high variability of symptoms in AD, it often cannot be diagnosed accurately from a single assessment, especially in its early stages and to date AD has been difficult to monitor for decline. This has challenged both drug development and providers in providing new and effective drugs and treatment plans. Repeatable, remote, and cost-effective assessments are essential. The virtual caregiver provides benefits across the board through improved patient engagement and monitoring in a remote yet familiar setting enabling a more genuine patient response yielding additional intelligence to providers, researchers & caregiver to better treat and cure. The Technology: ‘Chat for Care’ is powered by the proprietary ‘POLLY Platform’ developed by datalog.ai. The Polly Platform consists of an interactive BOT interface which sits on top of a deep learning platform specifically NLP/NLU with the capability to be both an open and/or closed domain BOT with additional technology of style transfer, image similarity, facial recognition and visual search. As ‘Chat for Care’ expands in features to include additional tasks and needs as required by patients and providers these additional technologies will be added to expand BOT intelligence and capabilities. The Roadmap: ‘Chat for Care’ expands to numerous neurological diseases and will roll-out based on partnerships and access to patient populations. Additional product features not yet discussed include image readings and virtual reality. About datalog.ai – datalog.ai is focused on developing artificial intelligence solutions to personalize user experiences and discover behavior to enhance outcomes through ‘additional intelligence’.

Co Author/Co-Investigator Names/Professional Title: Susan Aroyan - Chief Marketing Officer

Funding Acknowledgement (If Applicable): Currently funded