Caring Better for Our Communities Using Informatics Driven Population-Based Health in Primary Care

Author: Trisha Magpantay

This project is an extension of the Affordable Care Act, in that it identifies individuals who lack access to care- to be screened, risk stratified, and be given tools to link them to services. The aim of this project is to increase the usage of primary prevention services amongst previously uninsured or insured individuals in the urban Los Angeles area. This is designed as a learning platform for students in the Healthcare field to create care plans and monitor patients across all aspects of health.

The web-based patient registry will primarily serve as a “Patient Health Profile (PHP) for patients screened by Mount Saint Mary’s University nursing students. The care plan provides details on ways to improve upon or maintain health. Data was collected from Family Planning Association’s clinic located in the greater Los Angeles area. Responses are used to beta test the web-based patient registry. Positive findings should be able to highlight aspects of an individual’s background that requires attention.
Based upon current findings, individuals in urban Los Angeles area not only lack access to care, but are unaware of the public health services.

Success in this project is measured when a patient is discharged with a preventive health care management plan. By making this software more available, population health can be promptly evaluated and hopefully improved.

Abstract Theme: Medical Imaging and Diagnostics

Co Author/Co-Investigator Names/Professional Title: Author: Trisha Magpantay & Natalie Gayles Created by: Leah FitzGerald, and Brian Prestwich

Funding Acknowledgement (If Applicable): Institution: Mount Saint Mary’s University (under the Keck Foundation) Supplemental #6